5 Exercises in 6 Minutes for Sexy Thighs (Video)

A lot of women want to tighten their thighs; however, they need to find the right exercises for this. Therefore, if you also want to have toned thighs, check the workout we’ve prepared for you. It won’t take away a lot of your time and you can do the exercises at the comfort of your own home. Amazing, right? Let’s see the exercises now.

Shaped Thighs in 6 Minutes

Criss cross scissors

Put the hands on the sides and lift the legs. Your lower back needs to be on the mat to avoid hurting it. Then, you need to move the legs like scissors and open them as wide as you can. Do this for a whole minute.

Legs up and down

Begin with the legs up and the toes pointed outwards. Keep the hands by the sides and gradually lower the legs without touching the mat. While the legs are moving up and down, you need to bring your heels together and then spread them apart. Repeat these moves for one whole minute.

Windshield wipers

Stand on the feet and shoulders, making sure that the pelvis is faced toward the ceiling. Bring your heels together and press the left heel out. Next, flex the foot, but don’t point it. Keep the buttocks off the mat. Move the left leg out and in and keep it straight and low to the floor. Keep the buttocks as high as you can. Do the exercise for one minute with each leg.


Begin in the same position from exercise 1 and keep the heels together and the knees over the hips. Bring the heels toward the buttocks and push it back up. Make sure your knees are as wide as possible. Do the exercise for 60 seconds.

Froggers with heels apart

Everything is the same as the previous exercise, the only difference being that you need to hold the heels wide apart. Do the exercise for a minute.

Check out the video below to see how to have sexy and toned thighs in only 6 minutes:

– Source for video: 6 Min to Sexy Thighs
– Source: http://organichealthremedies.com

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